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What To Do If You’re In An Earthquake In Your Vehicle


Truck drivers witness a lot of natural disasters. One dangerous, but often not though of natural disaster can strike without notice– there’s no way to prepare, but you can learn how to react during an earthquake.

Here’s what to do if  you’re in an earthquake in your vehicle.

When an earthquake strikes an you’re in your truck, you may not initially notice an earthquake is occurring. Most report that when the earthquake struck, they initially thought something was wrong with their vehicles.

Try to move away from overpasses and bridges.  Overpasses can buckle and collapse during an earthquake. Do whatever you can to move out from underneath the overpass.  Even if you can only get your cab clear, that will help.

Slow your speed significantly or come to a stop. Once you’re able to stop, check your surroundings. Make sure you’re clear of light poles, towers, etc.  Turn off your truck and set your brakes.

Stay in your truck! Your truck will provide you a layer of safety from falling objects.

Turn on your radio. Turn on your radio and find a local radio station.

Once the earthquake has stopped, avoid bridges and overpasses.  Earthquakes can cause unseen issues with bridges and overpasses, making them vulnerable. Do not cross a bridge or overpass if you can avoid it!

Keep an eye out for downed power lines and cracks in the roadway.  If you must exit your truck, for any reason, look around your truck for downed power lines before exiting your cab.  It’s best to stay inside your truck, if at all possible!  Once you resume driving, watch for cracks or fractures in the roadway.

Try to avoid using your phone. Chances are, airwaves will be flooded with calls of people checking on their loved ones. Try not to clog up the circuits.  Shoot a quick text to a loved one and let them know you’re okay and ask them to pass the info on to friends, family and your carrier.













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