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South Carolina Walmart Tows Semi Parked Overnight


A truck driver lost his load and was slapped with a $1500 towing bill after parking overnight at a South Carolina Walmart that he believed to be truck-friendly.

Driver Vaughan Lisbon learned a costly lesson when he parked his truck at a Columbia Walmart on Garner’s Ferry Road on Friday.

Trucker Says He Parked Overnight In Lot For Three Months Without Issue

He had been parking his rig overnight at that Walmart location for the past three months and believed that the store had a trucker-friendly parking policy. However, when Lisbon returned to his truck, he learned that it had been towed from the lot.

It cost Lisbon $1500 to get his truck back from the impound lot and he lost his load.

Lisbon admitted that he saw a sign reading “No Unauthorized Parking” in the Walmart parking lot. He expressed his disappointment with the way that Walmart handled the situation: “Why would they do it without giving prior notice to what they were going to do? All they needed to do was put a sticker on the vehicles letting them know not to park there anymore.”

A Lesson For Other Drivers: When In Doubt, Ask

Walmart released a statement to clarify their stance on overnight parking: “Permission to park in our store lots is extended by individual store managers, based on availability of parking space and local laws.

When in doubt, drivers should speak with the manager of a particular Walmart location before parking overnight to avoid an expensive surprise

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