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Trucker deemed 80% at fault in wreck that killed speeding 89-year-old, family awarded millions


A family has been awarded $16 million for a wreck involving a semi truck that killed their elderly father.

The verdict was reached by a jury on Friday, September 24th for a wreck that occurred in Lottie, Louisiana in May of 2020. 

According to The Advocate, 89-year-old Charles R. “Puddin” Glaser Sr. was driving on US 190 near Lottie when a semi truck attempted a u-turn just ahead of him. Glaser, who was going 67 mph in a 55mph zone, was unable to stop in time and crashed into the rig, causing serious injury. 

Glaser was transported to a hospital following the wreck and died two weeks later. He was the former owner and operator of Midway Grocery and C.R. Glaser Trucking Co. in Maringouin, Louisiana, and drove 18-wheelers until he was 83 years old.

The unnamed trucker involved in the crash was working for Rail 1 LLC at the time of the incident, and was found by a jury to be 80% at fault for the fatal wreck. Jurors found Glaser to be 20% at fault due to his speed – 67 mph in a 55 mph zone. 

“Their lives are forever changed and will never be the same,” said Robert Marionneaux Jr, lead attorney for Glaser’s family. 

Glaser’s four sons and three daughters were awarded $16.4 million, down from a potential $20.5 million due to Glaser’s 20% fault. The verdict is expected to be appealed.


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