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Reese’s Pieces: Working with Owner-Operators & Small Fleets Is a True Gift for the ES Advantage Team


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By Jeff Reese
Director of Sales & Marketing,
ES – Vendor Network Services

As we approach the Christmas season, it’s always good to reflect on the gifts that we have been given during the past year. In counting our blessings for 2022, I want to take a moment to thank all the owner-operators and small fleets who have joined the ES Advantage and placed their trust in our program and our team. Working with you and growing our program is a true gift during this Christmas season and every day of the year. 

We are grateful to everyone who has made the choice to use our program that is designed to provide industry-leading discounts on fuel, truck maintenance services, tires and insurance coverage as well as offering other products and services essential to profitably running a business in the trucking industry.

The central focus of the work by our ES Advantage team can be summed up in three words: We Help People. Our commitment to helping our ES Advantage members improve the bottom lines of their business operations runs deep and it never stops. When it comes to the savings the ES Advantage provides, we pass every single penny of those discounts right to our customers. 

The ES Advantage program is dedicated to the one-truck owner-operator and small fleet owner, allowing us to concentrate our efforts on helping to place these smaller operations in the best position to succeed within an ever-changing and highly competitive industry. 

We have established a program through the ES Advantage that delivers significant cost savings and has the buying power of a mega-fleet those smaller operations could not access on their own. For example, the ES Advantage fuel program features an average discount of 55 cents per gallon on fuel at over 1,200 locations from coast to coast. 

During 2022, we added new members to our ES Advantage Team to meet the needs of our program membership that grew by leaps and bounds. As I shared with you here last month, we added bilingual members to our team to better assist customers who prefer to speak Spanish as a first language. We are continuing to listen, and we are always focused on becoming better at what we do.

Listen To The ES Advantage Podcast

For this month’s ES Advantage Podcast, I had the opportunity to walk around our office and talk to the members of our ES Advantage Team. We wanted to give everyone a chance to meet and hear from the people who are working with our ES Advantage members to drive this program forward. In addition to hearing our team’s perspective on what they saw in 2022 and what they see ahead for the ES Advantage in 2023, I really enjoyed hearing the passion and commitment that they are bringing to their work each day.

As we all know in the trucking business, pennies make dollars. When it comes to the ES Advantage, we help you save dollars every day. If you are part of a small trucking operation and you are looking ahead to the New Year, I would like to invite you to explore the ES Advantage and how we can help you. 

If you would like to learn more about how the no obligation ES Advantage program can help deliver savings to your trucking business, visit the links below or call the ES Advantage Team at 866-811-3033.

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