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Trucking students left untrained, broke after trucking school closes without warning 


A trucking school in Colorado left its students high and dry after it shut its doors without warning, leaving them without licenses, training, or a refund. 

More than 20 students were seeking CDL training at the Commercial Vehicle Training Center in Fort Lupton, Colorado when it suddenly shut its doors. Esteban Hernandez says he and his fellow students had already paid for their courses, but when they showed up for class one day in August, the doors to the school were locked with no one inside. 

“The first time I signed the papers and paid, it was April 4th,” Hernandez explained. “They just shut down the school without notice.”

Since then the owner of the school, Michael Euglow, has offered to pay for the CDL tests of all the former students, but Hernandez and his classmates say they aren’t ready to take the test and were counting on more training at the school they paid for. 

“We don’t have the knowledge,” said Hernandez. “If we just go take the test we might get in an accident and kill somebody.” 

Instead of paying for their tests, Hernandez and the others have requested that Euglow pay for them to enroll in a new program, but he has stopped responding to their calls. 

“They don’t answer the phone, we don’t hear nothing,” Esteban said. 

Euglow has since told CBS Colorado that the high cost of rent and diesel forced him to shut down the school and seek a new location, but he does not yet have any solid plans for reopening. Euglow claims that once he figures out where to open a new location, he will eventually train the students that have already paid for his services. At this point, Hernandez and the rest say they just want their money back. 

“In my case, I don’t believe them because nobody makes business with people who don’t give you like a window to move,” said Esteban. “That’s all we need. We don’t trust them anymore.”


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