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VIDEO: Car hauler loses just a little bit of his load to overpass


A car sustained some unfortunate damage when a car hauler passed beneath an overpass in this video. 

In the clip, a car hauler is driving along a Pittsburgh highway with a load of cars. Apparently unbeknownst to the driver, a car on the top rack of the trailer has its tailgate open, and promptly loses most of it as the rig passes beneath an overpass. 

The impact scatters pieces of the tailgate and the driver slows down, apparently noticing something has gone wrong. 

“One overhead, two on the deck and one on the stinger behind and all older vehicles = not your average licensed car hauler. Id say buddy’s coming home from the auction with a few of his treasures and accidentally hit the hatch release after loading up. Profit margin just went to zero on the Volt,” commented one viewer. 

“That’s not a car hauler that’s a tow truck driver,” added another. 

Watch the video of the unfortunate incident, below. 


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