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WATCH: Everyone did the wrong thing here 


Two truckers nearly collide in this dash cam video showcasing two different kinds of bad decision making in trucking. 

In the clip, a trucker driving a fully loaded rig is traveling along a busy roadway when a flatbed pulls out in front of him. The filming driver appears to hardly brake, if at all, and instead crosses a double yellow and moves into a left turn lane to avoid a collision. 

The driver then keeps going, minding his own business as if he didn’t just contribute to a bad situation. 

“It’s hard to whoa up 78k lbs when idiots take your lane,” the filming driver wrote in the caption, but the explanation gained him very little sympathy from viewers across the internet. Here are some of their comments on the concerning video: 

“​​And the point of this? Even fully loaded you had plenty of time to press the brakes. Yeah, the guys an a**hole for pulling out in front of you. But YOU… you are a dangerous a**hole.”

“You were expecting support here? no, you are the sh**tiest driver in this video.”

“You can see him pulling out 2 seconds into your clip. Why didn’t you break then? Why did you choose at the moment you were going to take the TURN lane and risk smashing a car?.”

“He was inconsiderate, you were dangerous. Why not braking and keeping everyone safe?”

Watch the clip for yourself, below.

So I’m cruising down the hiway…
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