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A Veteran Among Us


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The Vietnam War was a controversial time in our history and a time of much turmoil in the US. Many who grew up in that generation can attest that it was a time of change for the nation. The draft was in place, and the civil rights movement, including women’s liberation and counterculture, were all making the news. Despite the turmoil, approximately 2,594,000 US service members were sent to Vietnam to serve this nation.

Regardless of time and generation, those who wear the uniform are true heroes. Serving comes with certain obligations, commitments, and understandings that they can be put into harm’s way and might not return from those missions. It’s a life of understanding those underlying risks associated with raising the right hand to uphold and defend the constitution of this country. 

Once their time is over, they return home to face an uncertain future. Life after service can be challenging and, in some cases, more difficult for many veterans. Veterans need the support to transition into civilian life. There are many organizations and programs for these veterans, but sometimes that’s not enough to alleviate the need for healing. 

A Time for Healing

This video tells the story of NFI driver and US Army veteran, Leroy. With help from NFI, WayPoint Vets, Veterans in Trucking, and other organizations, he was part of Mission Veteran Expedition and worked towards healing. 

At NFI, we continue to listen to our veterans and learn how we can best support them and make NFI a safe and positive environment. Enjoy this video as we continue to support our NFI veterans.

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