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Integrated Factoring: Business Financing By Truckers, For Truckers


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In August of 2012 a long-time business financing professional and a family-owned trucking business, Leonard’s Express, came together to create a different kind of Transportation Factoring business. Not just the same old factoring. Not just good rates for big trucking companies. Not just advancing funds against loads. The goal was to create quick pay the right way.

Why not create a factoring company owned by truckers for truckers? Why not create a factoring business that tailors to other family-owned trucking businesses that may only own a single truck? 

Integrated Factoring was born over eleven years ago with the smaller American Trucking Business in mind. Integrated Factoring offers a complete back-office solution for billing, collecting and fuel discounts. Integrated customers find themselves with more than just a factoring company but a partner that helps advise them on everything that is trucking: Fuel discounts, Finding loads, Safety Tips, Equipment Financing, Fuel & Repair advances, and Insurance.  

Dedicated and live customer service representatives in-office ready to help with all the back-office needs of a successful trucker. In January 2024 Integrated Factoring sent out an email survey to their customers. 

Here are just some of the responses:  

  • We couldn’t be happier with the personalized service you and integrated provide for us. Last year was rough all the way around. Thank you again for all you do and continue to do for us. Al & Nancy (Horton’s)
  • Better? Can’t do better when you’re perfect. Absolutely love working with you. 
  • Y’all are awesome, wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you so much for everything you do! 
  • It has been a pleasure working with Integrated Logistics. You all do an excellent job and we’re very pleased and glad we decided to change factoring companies. Thank you!   
  • I would give u 6 stars
  • I very appreciate for your help, you are the best!!!
  • You and the staff are wonderful. I appreciate you all very much. You all do a wonderful job!!!  
  • I want to thank you and your whole team for your help and kindness.  
  • Good afternoon! I am more than happy with you and the entire Integrated Factoring team! Thank you for always being there and for everything you do. 

You can see why Integrated Factoring refers to itself and its customers as the Factoring Family.  Integrated Factoring is part of Finger Lakes Logistics, Inc. dba Integrated Logistics & Associates.  Located in Farmington, NY we are just outside of Rochester, on the edge of Finger Lakes. Plenty of truck parking and the coffee’s always on. 



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