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Man “outraged” at rule-following trucking company across the street because he can’t sell his house 


Man “outraged” at trucking company across the street from his home because he considers its day-to-day operations a nuisance. 

Sam McNamee in Export, Pennsylvania says that the trucking company across the street is creating a nuisance, causing him to lose sleep, and preventing him from selling his house. Myers Well Service opened the location last fall, and says it has done its best to be a good neighbor, but McNamee remains “outraged” over the noise and traffic the business has caused outside of his home. 

“My ideal situation would be for this company to move into an industrial park where they belong. This place is surrounded by residential homes, and it seems to me, nobody cared about the health and welfare of the citizens around it, and especially me, the neighbor right across the street,” McNamee said to WTAE 4.

“I hate what has happened here, and I won’t live here. It’s bad enough, the illegal operations in the middle of the night. They should be stopped, but I’m going to have to deal with this,” he continued. “I’m angry. I’m outraged, and I wish this wasn’t going on, and it should never have happened.”

“My house is for sale. Who’s going to want to buy a property with a freight train at their doorstep?”

McNamee says he has already complained to Washington Township supervisors about the business operations, which he considers a violation of the noise ordinance, but local officials and police say that the business is operating completely within the law and following all of the rules. 

Police Chief Jason Montgomery says that the noise ordinance dictates that no construction can be completed between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 p.m., and Myers Well Service is not completing any construction projects during these hours. Montgomery says that noise from trucks operating normally does not violate the ordinance, and that the company received full approval to operate 24/7 when they opened the location last fall. There was a lighting issue with the company that violated some rules, but it has since been addressed and fixed. 

“Myers Well Service is doing everything that the township has asked us to do, and we are willing to be good neighbors and do more if required,” said Gene Tempesta, the company’s attorney. “Even before we moved in, we cleaned the place up and installed aesthetic landscaping to make the place look better.”

Despite the lack of broken rules, McNamee said he would address the issue at a meeting of the  Washington Township board of supervisors.


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