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Rookie driver learns to expect the unexpected in dash cam clip


A rookie driver learns to expect the unexpected from four-wheelers in this dash cam clip filmed on a Chicago highway. 

In the video, a truck driver of only 6 months is traveling through Chicago in the right lane near the 94 exit when a minivan cuts in front of him. 

The van then narrowly avoids getting hit by the driver before crossing a solid white line and driving across the striped median to nose into traffic exiting the highway. 

“I’m a new driver 6 months in and about 45000 miles in and had this happen leaving Chicago,” the video poster explained. 

Idiots never miss there [sic] exit,” reads the video title. 

“Feel free to give advice I’m willing to learn from more experienced drivers,” the poster continued. 

“No advice to give on this one other than expect the unexpected because people are impatient a*sholes!!” wrote one. 

“I’m coming from experience. Never stay in the lane closest to a busy exit. I don’t care if there’s a truck restriction and 5 dot waiting ahead of you finishing their donuts; always assume you’re gonna have ding dongs like this ready to f*ck up your day,” added another. 

“I don’t know what it is about that exit that just begs morons to do this, even with the 2 mile long exit ramp leading to it lol,” commented a third. 

Watch the video for yourself, below. 


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