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Trucking company can’t use their land for truck parking if nearby residents have anything to say about it


Illinois trucking company can’t use their land for truck parking if the surrounding community has anything to say about it. 

Residents in Crystal Lake, Illinois are speaking out against a proposal that would allow NVA Transportation to expand their Sands Road property to include 20 more acres. The company would then use the acreage to construct over 300 truck parking spaces and a 30,000 square foot building. 

Those speaking out against the proposal say that the truck parking would increase local traffic, and cause more air and noise pollution, reported WGN 9.

“I’m not against a truck terminal,” said Crystal Lake resident Judy Jackowiak.  “My father was a truck driver that drove flat beds and tractor trailers. He would be the first one to say this is the wrong place for it.”

The Crystal Lake Special Planning and Zoning Commission meeting was held on Wednesday evening, January 24th. During the meeting, an attorney for NVA asked the committee to approve the proposal for the sake of the community’s economy and material needs. 

“We’re all consumers. Goods need to move back and forth,” said NVA attorney Mark Daniel. “You have someone trying to grow and maintain employees.”

A traffic study conducted in the area estimated that anywhere from five to fifteen semi trucks would enter or exit the facility per hour. The proposed site sits near two different residential neighborhoods. 

“We hope reason prevails,” said Kevin McVearry, a Crystal Lake resident. “The facts show this is not a proper fit. There’s no need for this in the Crystal Lake community.”

NVA has already assured the community that they will follow all air emissions standards, and stated at Wednesday’s meeting that trucks would not be permitted to idle for more than 30 minutes during nighttime hours.


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