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VIDEO: High winds toss big rig into the path of storm chaser in Nebraska

A storm chaser's pursuit of a tornado was cut short when a big rig was blown over right in front of his vehicle.

VIDEO: High winds batter big rig on bridge

A motorist's dash cam captures a moment of terror for a truck driver who finds himself at the mercy of high winds on the Burlington Skyway bridge.

VIDEO: High winds wreak havoc, overturning 9 semi trucks on I-29 in Iowa

A driver captured and shared stunning footage of numerous semi trucks blown over by high winds along I-29 near Council Bluffs, Iowa.

VIDEO: Trucker Fights To Keep Rig Upright In High Winds

A storm chaser following a semi through an Illinois squall captures a truck driverĀ battling against strong winds to keep his truck from tipping over.  

VIDEO: Trucker Vs. Terrifying High Winds

In this video, a trucker comes dangerously close to having his rig completely toppled by high winds. Video Credit: BBC

Video: Truck Blown Over By High Winds On Bridge

Strong winds blow over a truck in Norway. According to the video's description, this truck was driving across the Great Belt Bridge.

Video: Truck Blown Over By High Winds

A truck is blown over by strong winds.

VIDEO: INSANE! Truck Nearly Toppled By High Winds

A truck in the U.S. is nearly toppled by high winds. The truck twists and wobbles but manages to stay upright.

Video shows tornado toppling big rig on an Iowa highway

Traffic camera video captured the terrifying moment that a tornado blew over a big rig on an Iowa highway on Tuesday.

Dash cam catches big rig driver’s save amid powerful Wyoming winds

A driver's dash cam caught the moment that a semi truck was nearly tipped over by high Wyoming winds.

8 semi pileup on Emlenton High-Level Bridge shuts down I-80 in PA

Pileup crash on Emlenton bridge involving multiple semi trucks forces closure of Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania on Tuesday morning.  The crash happened at around 12:30 a.m. on March 19th near Richland Township, Pennsylvania.  According to CBS Pittsburgh, as...

Video shows wind gust toppling a big rig on a California interstate

Video captured over the weekend shows the moment that high winds blew over a big rig on a California interstate.

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