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VIDEO: SUV Vs. Truck Road Rage

A trucker's dash cam captures an SUV cutting off another trucker and the road rage that ensues.

VIDEO: Last Second Cut-Off

Watch as another driver cuts him off at the last second, forcing him onto the shoulder!

VIDEO: Idiot Of The Day

Could this idiot have cut it any closer?!

VIDEO: Truck Cuts Off Car, Nearly Ends Up In A Ditch

Watch as this truck cuts off a speedy four-wheeler - it nearly hits the ditch!

Video: Truck Cuts Off Truck to Reach On-Ramp

The video's description states, "Verspeetan Cartage passes me so he can cut me off and get into the Tilbury Ontario On-route."

Apologetic Bus Driver, Or Motorist Mistake?

This humorous and well-timed photo was taken by reddit-user: teamwrk. The image caption reads: "A bus cut me off while I was driving home from work...

VIDEO: Sudden Braking In Front Of A Truck

Sudden Braking Syndrome affects 35% of jerk drivers. Symptoms include cutting off other drivers, inability to commit to contestant speeds and sudden, illogical stopping.

VIDEO: Close Call, Cutting Off A Truck

Ridiculous downhill cut off.

VIDEO: Car Almost Rear Ends, Then Cuts Off Truck

Pretty sure this video is how road rage incidents start.

VIDEO: Cutting Off A Truck To Make a Pit Stop

He really would have needed a pit stop if the truck hadn't been able to stop in time.

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