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VIDEO: Lane Splitting Isn’t Just For Motorcycles!

A four wheeler decides to get in on the lane splitting action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRP5roCnHnM Video Credit: Jared Wise

VIDEO: An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immoveable Object

Who will win the standoff? https://youtu.be/6Y64bQ50iyk Video Credit: Truck Drivers U.S.A  

VIDEO: Out Of Line Four Wheeler Blocks In Semi

A road raging pickup truck driver who believes he has the right of way blocks the path of a trucker as he tries to...

VIDEO: Trucker Vs. Four Wheeler Road Rage Battle

One of the most shocking road rage videos we've seen in some time. The incident ends at about the 1:00 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnMUERt0h9I Video Credit: Trucker Brad

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Tries To Teach Trucker A Lesson

Watch as the motorist in the white car repeatedly brake checks a trucker because "she failed to see my turn signal and wanted to...

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Nearly Pancaked When Semi Passes RV

A four wheeler had the close call of his life when a semi passed an RV on the 299 to Redding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO01WOyaI8w&t=1m Video Credit: mistervoice511

VIDEO: Free Ride For Four Wheeler

A four wheeler cuts off a truck but the trucker generously gives him a free ride anyway. https://youtu.be/35C2-8GrdDA Video Credit: Daryl Christley

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Spooks Trucker With Death-Defying Cut Off

CDLLife reader Larry Drum captured this footage on dash cam in Ardmore, Oklahoma on October 17.

VIDEO: Trucker Gives Reckless Motorist A Driving Lesson

Watch as a trucker holds a motorist accountable for his dangerous driving maneuver. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v89H4ETFaVM Video Credit: Fluffy Daffy

VIDEO: Car Suddenly Loses Control And Crashes Into Truck

As a car is driving alongside a truck, the motorist suddenly loses control and comes to a stop only after crashing into the truck. Video...

VIDEO: How Not To Exit A Freeway

Caught on trucker's dash cam -- a four wheeler gets some air and then goes off the road after cutting off another truck driver...

VIDEO: Semi And Four Wheeler Battle For Lane

The trucker finally gets out to discuss the issue with the car driver. https://youtu.be/ut9JMoGtoX0 Video Credit: jdnguyen11

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