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VIDEO: Unlucky Four Wheeler Gets Hit By Two Trucks

Watch as a car gets clipped by a truck and then spins helplessly into another truck, crossing four lanes of busy highway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9cZ91fqquM Video Credit: CNN

VIDEO: This Idiotic Move Could Have Cost The Four Wheeler His Life

The dash cammer locked up his brakes trying not to hit this motorist with a death wish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo0i2ubgZz0&feature=youtu.be Video Credit: Peylix

VIDEO: Flying Deer Alert

Watch as trucker Dave Nealy has a flying deer sighting on I-64 in Indiana. Video Credit: Viral Video

VIDEO: What The Heck Just Happened?

On first viewing, it might seem like the cement truck is responsible for rear-ending the Nissan Leaf. But the actual cause of the crash...

VIDEO: Check Out This Four Wheeler Torture Truck

Ok, ok, so maybe it's actually a controlled rollover system testing truck, but aren't there some days when you wish you could spin a...

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Can’t Figure Out What Blinky Red Light On Truck Means

This truck's indicator light is on and he's already started merging, but those clues don't seem to be enough to help this four wheeler...

VIDEO: Dump Truck Gives Four Wheeler A Helpful Push

Watch as a dump truck pushes a car through an intersection, then keeps going like nothing happened. The four wheeler also appears simply to...

VIDEO: Semi Veers Into Car To Avoid Boom From Roofing Truck

Watch as the Target truck suddenly swerves to avoid hitting the boom from a roofing truck, causing a four wheeler to spin out. From the...

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Topples Box Truck, Drives Off

Watch as a four wheeler cuts off a box truck, causing it to roll over, then drives on as if nothing happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMIqgC5YCJs Video Credit: RoadCams

VIDEO: Trucker Encounters Four Wheeler Road Rage In Texas

According to the dash cammer, the four wheeler in this video got "mad because I honked my horn at him, AFTER he blinds me...

Trucker: Car Cut Off To Blame For Cross Bronx Expressway Crash

A trucker says that a four wheeler cut him off and clipped his truck yesterday, causing him to lose control and sending his truck...

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Finds Out Why You Don’t Cut Off Trucks

According to the video description, the four wheeler driver tried to blame the trucker, but after seeing the video, the police sided with the...

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