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VIDEO: Passed Out Passenger

A motorcyclist has a passed out passenger. The rider appears to be completely out of it!

VIDEO: Impatient Biker Tries To Squeeze Past Truck And Pays The Price

Take a look at this impatient biker who thinks he can squeeze past a truck in a construction zone only to crash into a barrier.

VIDEO: Motorcycle Crashes To Avoid Truck

Take a look at this speedy motorcycle driver who has to lay his bike down in order to avoid an oncoming truck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ppLzCltFyw Source: a4wong

VIDEO: Motorcyclists Work Together To Save Dog On Highway

In this amazing video, a group of motorcycle riders stop traffic and risk their safety to save a panicked dog loose on the highway! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWspYhZpVQk Source: Prince...

VIDEO: Motorcyclists Lane Splitting

It was the first warm day of the season in Kansas City, and naturally it brought out the idiots...

Video: Lane Splitter Verses Trailer Door

The motorcyclist is lane splitting when the door on a cargo cage opens up and strikes him.

VIDEO: Idiot Biker Has Close Call

Check out this footage of an unbelievably close call involving a biker and a truck!

Video: Truck Driver Dash Cam Clears Driver of Charges in Motorcycle Crash

The truck driver was originally to be charged with speeding, dangerous driving, and failure to maintain his lane, however, footage from the driver's SmartWitness Vehicle Accident Camera was shown to authorities, and the footage proved the truck driver was not at fault.

Video: Motorcyclist Survives Insane Crash

A motorcyclist runs a red light and hits a car, then gets taken for a ride by two cars.

VIDEO: Biker Miraculously Survives Accident

Watch as this biker miraculously survives this crash with a truck!

Video: Man’s Big Mouth Gets Him in Big Trouble

A news crew was recording incidences of motorists behaving badly. One such motorist, a motorcyclist, was caught driving the wrong way down an on-ramp. Once the motorcyclist realized he had been recorded, he confronted the news crew. After chewing out the cameraman a couple of times, he heads back to his motorcycle, but the police were waiting for him. The man's big mouth got him into big trouble

16 States Pass “Dead Red” Laws, Allowing Cyclists To Run Red Lights

In March, 16 states passed house bill 1080, a rule better known as the “dead red” law.

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