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Motorcycle Deputy Pinned Under Truck After 6 Vehicle Crash

A Florida motorcycle deputy has been injured after he was involved in a multi-vehicle crash in Gibsonton, Florida, earlier today. The incident happened around 1:30 p.m....

VIDEO: Suicidal Lane Split

Watch as this seemingly suicidal motorcyclist captures a death-defying nighttime lane splitting stunt. Video Credit: detroyofficial  

VIDEO: Car Allegedly Swerves To Hit Motorcyclist On Purpose

"I don't care," says the motorist in this video after swerving to hit a motorcycle -- allegedly on purpose. According to Fox 13 News,...

VIDEO: Angry Tow Truck Driver Takes Out His Frustration

Watch as this ticked off tow truck driver attacks the interior of an SUV -- with a motorcycle. For some reason. Video Credit: ozimoto

VIDEO: Close Call With Motorcyclist

Watch as CDLLife reader Cruz Joelvis has a terrifying close call with a motorcyclist who lays his bike down on the highway! Video Credit: Cruz Joelvis

VIDEO: Motorcyclist “Pets” Truck On Highway

Watch as this motorcyclist films himself getting close enough to touch a truck at highway speeds! Do not try this at home! Source: Mike Raseecin

Video Clears Truck Driver In Motorcyclist’s Death


VIDEO: Rude Bear On A Motorcycle Is Your Moment Of Zen

We guarantee that this angry motorcycle riding bear traveling down the highway will be the strangest thing you see today!

VIDEO: Motorcyclist Hits Calf, Then Crane Truck

This bizarre video shows a motorcyclist slamming into a calf, which sends him hurtling into the path of a crane truck.

VIDEO: Out Of Control Truck Hits Motorcycle And Crashes Into Ditch

Surveillance cameras in Slidell caught the shocking moment when an allegedly intoxicated truck driver crashes into a motorcycle before going off the road and landing in a ditch on August 7.

VIDEO: Trucker Spots Motorcycle Dog With Driving Goggles

This trucker spotted a funny sight on the Tappan Zee Bridge -- a motorcycle pulling a dog in his dream ride!

Rigs Spotted At The 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is well underway in South Dakota! Drivers, keep a sharp eye out for an increase in biker traffic this week!

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