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VIDEO: Bridge Severs Raised Box From Dump Truck

The twenty-two year old truck driver was charged with careless driving after the raised box from his dump truck struck an overpass on Highway...

Kansas Is Elevating Overpasses To Stop Truck Strikes

Transportation officials in Kansas are taking action to prevent truck strikes by raising the clearance height of several of the state's overpasses. Construction has begun on...

Trucker Manages Not To Crash When Pumpkin Is Hurled Through Windshield

Michigan police are searching for a suspect who dropped a pumpkin onto a semi truck from an overpass, damaging the truck. The pumpkin chucking incident...

Several Trucks Hit By Bricks Tossed From Pennsylvania Turnpike Overpass

Several trucks were damaged and one truck driver was injured after bricks and rocks were thrown at their windshields from an overpass on the...

VIDEO: Truck Smashes Into Overpass

Watch as a truck is obliterated after going under an overpass marked at 10' 5"! Video Credit: DailyDashCam

VIDEO: Overpass Built In Just 43 Hours!

Truck drivers spend a lot of time sitting in construction traffic. Imagine an overpass being constructed in 43 hours! That's what construction workers in Beijing did.

VIDEO: Shocking! Garbage Truck Takes Out Overpass

You won't see this one coming!

Box Truck Dangles Off I-93, Interferes With Boston Rail Train Traffic

The cab of a box truck dangled precariously off of an I-93 overpass over a section of railroad tracks in Dorchester for about two hours...

Video: Guy Jumps Off Overpass, Lands Hard and Walks Away

A guy in Tijuana, Mexico jumps/falls(?) from an overpass and gets up and walks away…totally unharmed.

Video: Truck Dangles off Texas Overpass

On Thursday morning, a truck lost control and ended up dangling over an overpass on I-35 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Video: Car Flies off Overpass

A car flies off an overpass and crashes onto the highway below. The woman in the car survived the crash.

Repairs To Overpass May Take A Year And Cost Over $400,000

In Holland, MI a trucker's hydraulic lift hits overpass, causes $400,000 in damages and year to repair

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