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State Mistakingly Issued Permit to Driver Who Struck Overpass

The permit issued to a trucking company to haul an oversized load was erroneously issued.

VIDEO: Truck Slams Into New York Overpass

This video was recorded in Long Island, New York on Meadowbrook State Parkway. NMA419's video description said that he knew something was "about to happen" so he started recording. Minutes later, the truck slammed into an overpass.

VIDEO: Truck Hangs Over Texas Overpass

On Wednesday, a driver lost control and his truck ramped over the side barrier. The truck was left dangling above the freeway.

VIDEO: Pickup Flies off Icy Minnesota I-694 Overpass

A pickup slips and flies off an icy Minnesota, I-694 overpass. The pickup landed on a frozen pond below.

VIDEO: Michigan State Trooper Falls Off 35FT Overpass

As the trooper goes to grab the suspect, they both tumble over the 35-foot overpass.

VIDEO: Driver Blows Tire, Dangles Over Overpass

This driver feared for his life after blowing a tire, when his truck went off the highway and dangled over the Selmon Expressway in Tampa, Florida.

Outdated Bridge Clearance List Blamed For Bridge Strike

A Gig Harbor overpass sustained serious damage after being struck. Who is to blame?

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