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Illinois State Police arrested a truck driver on drug trafficking charges after finding a large amount of suspected cocaine/fentanyl during a routine roadside CMV inspection.
A trucking company in Illinois used earpieces to help CDL test takers cheat in exchange for money, new court documents reveal.  Mykola Datkun, the owner of Maximum Services Inc. in Island Lake, Illinois appeared in a Chicago...

QUIZ: Have You REALLY Been Everywhere?

Take this quiz based off of the beloved Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere" and see whether you can really say that you've been...

QUIZ: What Should Your CB Handle Actually Be?

Take this quiz and get some ideas about what your CB handle ought to be!

Truck Driver Quiz: Are You A “Type A” Or A “Type B” Trucker?

Find out more about your trucking personality by taking this quiz!

TRUCK DRIVER QUIZ: Do You Know Trucker Movie Trivia?

Think you know everything about trucking movies? Prove it with this trucker movie trivia quiz!

Trucking Test: How Would You Secure This Load?

How would you have secured this load?


Put your safe driving practices to the test with this quiz!

Quiz: You Might Be a Truckers Significant Other If…

*For entertainment purposes only! We appreciate all the driver's and their significant others do and sacrifice to keep this country rolling.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your CB Slang 2?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your CB Slang 2?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your CB Slang?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your CB Slang?

QUIZ: Are You A Coloring Book Pro?

Would you consider yourself to be a log book expert? Take this quiz to see how you measure up!

QUIZ: You Might Be A Truck Driver If…

Consider yourself to be a seasoned truck driver? Take this quiz to find out how you rank!

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