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Video: Truck Driver Performs Ridiculous U-Turn

A truck driver in China makes his own u-turn path. Watch as he moves the center barrier so that he can get his truck through.

VIDEO: Truck Attempts U-Turn On M6 Toll

Watch as this truck attempts a risky U-turn on the M6 Toll!

VIDEO: Massive U-Turn Fail

A driver is attempting to make a u-turn. He backs into a tree, and the tree falls on a pickup. Fail.

Video: Car Makes Illegal U-Turn in Front of a Cop

A car driver chose a bad time to make an illegal u-turn.

Video: U-Turn From the Right Lane

A driver attempts to make a u-turn from the right lane, on a 4-lane, divided highway.

VIDEO: Insane Tight Turnaround

Talk about being in a tight spot! He gets out of it really well.

Officer Who Crashed Into A Truck Will Not Receive A Citation

"I don't see this as an illegal U-turn," Stokes said. "I also looked at the failure to yield, and that doesn't really apply, either. I don't see that there's any traffic violation or infraction."

VIDEO: U-Turn Nightmare!

This could possibly be the most frustrating u-turn situation imaginable!

VIDEO: U-Turn Idiot

This guy does not know how to pull off a u-turn.

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