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Proposed Hike Would Make Washington’s Fuel Tax Highest In The County


Fuel Tax HikeOn Wednesday, Washington democrats proposed a $10 billion transportation funding package that would increase the state’s fuel tax by 10 cents.

The package was introduced by House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn who said the package would increase the fuel tax 2 cents per year for the next five years.  At the end of the five year term, the state’s fuel tax would be 47.5 cents per gallon– the highest in the country.

In addition to the fuel tax increase, the package also calls for an increased “Motor Vehicle Excise tax, an increase in the state’s Hazardous Substance tax and a hike in commercial vehicle weight fees. Even bicycle riders would pay up with a $25 fee on bikes over $500,” NWPR reported.

The last fuel tax increase was eight years ago.



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