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Minnesota Increases Speeding Fine In Work Zones to $300


Effective Friday, August 1st, a new Minnesota state law will increase speeding ticket fines in work zones to $300, officials warn.

“The Minnesota State Patrol is going to aggressively enforce this new law,” said Lt. Brad Ouart during a Monday afternoon news conference in St. Cloud.

The new law is part of the Patrol’s “Toward Zero Deaths” campaign, which aims to increase work safety and protect Minnesota of Department of Transportation (MnDOT) workers, as well as other motorists on the road.

The $300 work zone fine is now higher than the previous ‘Fines Double’ penalty.

State Patrol Lt. Bill Kruger told News 12, “Our main goal has always been for people to adhere to the signs when they’re coming into these work zones to slow down to at least the posted speed limit if not below that.”

Minnesota has seen 31 work zone fatalities since 2010, according to state records. Officials hope the new policy will heighten drivers’ attention in the hazardous and changing environment of work zones.


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