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Truck Driver Luck — Fact Or Fiction?


Is it just us, or do truck drivers seem to have a special kind of luck that other people just don’t?

Is it the universe’s way of giving back to truck drivers to reward them for their hard work on the road? Or is it just coincidence?

Truck drivers seem to have a surprising lucky streak when it comes to the lotto. How many times have truck drivers struck it rich playing the lottery — sometimes more than once? Take the example of the Baltimore truck driver who won the Maryland lottery twice within ten years? Or the North Carolina gas truck driver who got lucky on four scratchers tickets in a row — one of them worth $200,000?

Improve Your Luck — Scientifically

–Look for chances to be lucky. Psychologist have performed experiments on people who self-identify as either “lucky” or “unlucky” and discovered that the difference between the two groups is that lucky people are better at spotting positive opportunities. The psychologists also report that the “lucky” group tended to go out of their way to add variety to their lives — taking a different route to work, trying a new restaurant — which seemed to provide new opportunities for fortunate things to happen.

–Change your attitude to change your outcomes. Part of the reason that “lucky” people categorize themselves in that way is that they have positive mindsets that let them see the good in even negative outcomes. Rather than getting upset about getting a speeding ticket, “lucky” people tell themselves that at least they didn’t get into a traffic accident as a result of speeding.

–Take action to increase luck. Thinking about something you want is great, but actually taking action to get a desired result is a hallmark characteristic of lucky people. A lucky mindset combined with the willingness to act to make good things happen is key to start seeing more positive results in your day to day life.

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