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VIDEO: “8 Meal tips for drivers – planning healthy meals”


This video shares very helpful ideas and tips about planning healthy meals while on the road. The Healthy Trucker, Eric Banter, explains how while on the road meals can be erratic but they don’t have to be unhealthy.

8 Meal Tips For Drivers

  1. Drink Water: You should consume 8 glasses of water a day. If you are drinking coffee, add 1 glass of water for every 1 cup of coffee
  2. Route Planning: Know what stops will be along your route. If there are not healthy stops, bringing food with you is ideal
  3. Eat before you are hungry: To avoid overeating, eating before you are hungry will help curb your appetite
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast with protein: Eggs, lunchmeat, and/or a protein shake are great sources of protein for breakfast
  5. Get healthy snacks: Step away from the potato chips! Nuts, fruit, and/or vegetables are examples of healthy snacks
  6. Eat a healthy lunch, with some greens: Your lunch should be smaller than your breakfast. Stay away from fast food.
  7. Eat a healthy dinner: This should be the smallest meal of the day. For example, beans and rice or soup
  8. Don’t eat 2 hours before bed: Eric recommends¬†lemon water, decaf tea or decaf coffee instead of a midnight snack

You do not have to eat perfectly all the time to be considered healthy. Healthy looks different for each individual, but making conscious decisions about what you eat could save your life one day.

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