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VIDEO: On the eighth day, God made a trucker


Check out the latest from BigRig Videos which highlights the special kind of person that it takes to make the sacrifices necessary to become a trucker.

Big Rig Videos explains why they made the video:

“HOPE RESTORED Natural disasters have struck all over, lives lost, homes lost, livelihood lost. Amidst the turmoil and the aftermath, people have rallied together in an effort to offer assistance. Donations were collected, people from all over volunteered their time, fuel and vehicles. Among those volunteers were truckers; hauling in supplies and most of all…hope. Stephanie of Diesel Addict Photos wrote this poem earlier this year as a spin-off to “So God Made A Farmer” in an effort to bring awareness to the donation sites and provoke others to offer up assistance to those that need our help. Please see the donation sites listed at the end of the video and consider offering some hope of your own. In light of the government bringing on more regulations to the trucking industry it is important to recognize and appreciate the truckers out there that are not only out doing the deal, but have hearts to donate the necessary transportation to help those that have experienced unfathomable loss. Truckers are the forefront in transportation of goods we use everyday. We can’t have what we want without them.

In the need of relocation specialists, “God Made A Trucker”. – Written By: Stephanie Haas / Diesel Addict Photos”


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