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VIDEO: Extreme Hummer Vs. Truck Road Rage Footage Captured In Texas


Video of a Hummer driver who road rages and refuses to let a semi pass has caught the attention of Texas law enforcement today.

Hummer Road Rages Against On Texas Interstate

The video was caputured on I-20 near Midland, Texas, earlier this week. According to Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter, the incident began when the truck driver reportedly threw a can out of the window and hit the Hummer.

In the video, you can see the Hummer driver weaving back and forth on the interstate, cutting off the truck and refusing to let it pass. The frustrated truck driver also starts weaving wildly as he attempts to maneuver past the raging Hummer driver.

It appears that no citations have been issued at this time because police were not actually on hand to witness the incident. According to Painter, “[The truck driver] could’ve got fined for litter, up to a $500 fine for littering on a public roadway. But he didn’t do anything else wrong, other than try to get away from a crazy guy.

The Hummer driver, on the other hand was “committing numerous violations of the law [that] he could’ve gone to jail for. … There’s no reason to be endangering the entire motor public on the interstate just because of the empty can or a can that was thrown out. It didn’t cause any damage to a vehicle,” said Painter.


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