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Recent viral video of man clinging to moving semi may soon inspire new pre-check protocol, experts say


Video of a man clinging to two separate semi trucks in Georgia has been circulating the internet this week, and may even inspire some new pre-check protocol to prevent creative hitchhikers like this in the future. 

The footage of the brave hitchhiker dangling from a semi truck mirror and even smoking a cigarette was captured late last week in and around Atlanta, Georgia, and officials say they have never seen anything like it. 

“It’s something I haven’t seen before and it’s obviously very dangerous,” said Georgia State Patrol Officer Ltn. Riley to CBS 46 News.

The video has gained the attention of Georgia Trucking Associations across the state, taking industry leaders by surprise and even prompting them to consider changes to pre-trip inspection and safety protocol to avoid future incidents like this. 

”I’ve actually never seen anything like this before, just when you think that people have found the most idiotic things to do someone comes up with, something brand new,” President & CEO Georgia Motor Trucking Association Ed Crowell said.

“I showed the video around the office here asking if anyone has ever seen anything like it and no one could think of anything quite like that at all,” said Norita Taylor of the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association.

While the incident may seem silly, industry leaders worry the now-viral video could give other people ideas and cost them their lives. 

“That person can be just a split second away from being dead,” Crowell continued.

“If they have to make a quick evasive maneuver to avoid an accident, they could throw the person off the truck, they have to slam on brakes or they could lose their grip on the vehicle in traffic,” Ltn. Riley added.

“Hopefully people will not look at that as an example of something they should imitate,” Norita Taylor said.

The Georgia Truckers Association says that they will have to come up with some new rules across the state of Georgia if the dangerous hitchhiking trend continues. “We’ll have to develop some additional protocols for trucking companies and truck drivers, to help put a stop to it.”

The Georgia State Patrol has a similar stance, pointing out that the driver and the hitch-hiker can be ticketed for such a situation, including reckless driving, and interfering with traffic.

“I just shook my head… The things I see go on in Atlanta does not surprise me,” said a woman who witnessed the incident.


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