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WATCH: Officer offers mountain trucking advice to driver-in-training during confrontation


A disagreement ensues after a police officer issues a ticket to a driver in training for ‘impeding traffic’ on a winding mountain road in this video. 

In the video, the officer claims that the driver in training and his trainer were impeding traffic by going too slow down a 6% grade, but the truckers argue that their slow speed was the safe way to go. The three argue about jake brakes, the length of time the truckers were driving slowly, and even the competence of the trainer. 

“I understand this guy’s training you. I would recommend that you do whatever he says the opposite,” the officer says. 

“Ha! Really?” the training driver retorts. 

The driver in training then requests more information on the ticket he is signing, and the three argue some more over whether or not signing the ticket is an admission of guilt, whether or not the ticketed driver should be allowed the time to read through the ticket, and the training driver eventually demands that the officer’s supervisor be called. 

After some more time spent arguing, the officer manages to get his sergeant on the phone and calls him to the scene, but that’s where the recording ends. 

“Another cop having a power trip. He needs to be fired,” commented one viewer. 

“The driver and his so-called instructor both should not be driving,” added another. 

“I’m curious how the previous talk went, since he’s already been to the truck to get information and a license,” wondered a third. 

“Never take advice on driving a semi from an over inflated policeman or ANYONE who doesn’t drive,” added yet another. 

“15 is 6th gear and it is an unsafe speed on a 6% grade. You climb that at 25 or higher so you can safely descend at 25mph. The cop however wasn’t professional at all,” argued one.

 “…..Let me teach you something!!!! You can come down a mountain 1000 times too slow, BUT you can only come down a mountain TOO FAST once!!” argued another.

What do you think? Was anyone in the right here? Check out the video, below.


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