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Husband and wife team drivers dish on the realities of working OTR together 


Husband and wife team drivers say that they are working towards financial freedom and an earlier retirement by spending five days a week on the road together, but it doesn’t come easy. 

Angela and Scott Griffen have been trucking for more than 40 years combined, but now they do it together in hopes of mutually benefiting their future together. The couple, accompanied by their small dog Willow, live and work a total of 120 hours a week inside of their rig with a goal of retiring young. 

“We want to retire young, so our money goes to the same bank account,” Angela said. “We drive more miles and all the money filters into one thing so we don’t have to do it forever. We can retire much younger.”

The two have been married for 13 years and even have a Youtube channel, but they say that their team-trucking marriage doesn’t always come easy. 

“Grace, forgiveness, patience … you’ve got to have a lot of patience,” Angela said.

“If it isn’t worth getting a divorce over, it isn’t worth arguing over,” Scott added.

The Griffen’s say they save a mortgage’s worth of money by cooking on the truck, but still spend about $3,000 a week on fuel. 

“By the end of the month, [the money spent eating out is] somebody’s mortgage payment. We’re out here to save money and make big money to pay off our house,” Angela explained. 

“There are no sick days, no snow days, no rain days. If you have a job, go do it… Wheels aren’t turning, you ain’t earning. It’s true.”


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