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Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement calls out DIY license plate


Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) recently spotted a vehicle with a homemade license plate.

On February 9, Iowa DOT MVE shared the strange plate discovered by an officer during a traffic stop on their official social media channel.

Don’t be suspicious…don’t be suspicious… Want to know a quick way to get pulled over? Make a license plate out of the same numbers and letters as your mailbox…” the agency wrote.

Facebook users were in disbelief that the driver believed the rudimentary plate would fool anyone. 

“Please tell me this is a joke. Please. I can’t see how anyone could be this dumb to think they could get away with it,” said one user. 

“Maybe they’re just practicing their license plate making skills for when they end up in prison,” another person quipped. 

“Well, considering how many 4 wheelers as well as big trucks I see without a license plate anywhere, you ought to give this old boy/girl a pass for at least trying!” another person pointed out. 

A similar effort to fool police with a fake plate was uncovered by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office out of California in 2019.



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