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Small trucking company “robbing Peter to pay Paul” as fuel prices refuse to drop 


A small trucking company owner in Nevada says that high fuel prices have him struggling to keep business going. 

Phillip Scherer, owner of Phillip’s Roadway Services, says that the rise in diesel prices have been crippling to his business, and he fears he is on the brink of bankruptcy. Scherer says that, since the rise in fuel prices, he has spent around $150,000 on fuel a month – an amount that accounts for half of his company’s monthly earnings and double his previous fuel budget. 

“It has crippled me,” Scherer said. “And I would ask for more money, but I can’t. If gas was half, of course what it should be, then hey I would have half my money,” Scherer said to 8 News Now. “I wouldn’t be spending $150,000 on fuel a month.”

For now, Scherer says he’s just waiting for prices to drop, and hoping he and his 23 employees can hold on until then. 

“I’m asking for an opportunity to have more work,” he explained. “I haven’t given up yet. So, anything would help, for sure. I keep telling myself ‘hey you can do this. You’re going to do this.’”

“I’m just robbing Peter to pay Paul every day.”


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