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These truckers let us in on the secret of what horns are really used for 


A truck driver recently took to a popular trucking forum to share what he calls a “uniquely trucker” pastime, and we’re giggling. 

“As a trucker, I have what I believe is a unique guilty pleasure. I could be wrong, maybe train conductors do the same thing,” the post starts. “Whenever I drive by golf courses I look for people are in playing [sic] the game and are in mid-swing (driving, mid-range or putting) then I blow my air horn, completely screwing up their swing / putt. Sometimes I even get the plus of seeing them get spastic.”

“As a rule, I make sure there are no vehicles near me so I don’t panic or startle traffic,” the driver assures, “but, damn I get a kick out of making a golfers day a bit worse. Any takers???”

Apparently, this driver isn’t the only one using his horn for pure entertainment purposes. 

“I used to deliver transmission parts, and near the warehouse was an adult book store. If I was driving past, and someone was walking out or in, I’d give a friendly TOOT TOOT and wave like I knew them,” shared one. 

“I once saw a teenage couple making out at a bus stop bench ahead of me, like they we’re almost horizontal on it. I thought it would be funny to give em a little toot. The road was super close to the bus stop bench, so I gave em the jake and horn combo and the young dude flipped out and rolled off the bench,” disclosed another. 

“Dog taking a dump, I honk,” summarized a third. 

Anything you’d like to add? Let us know what your horn honking pastime is.

Uniquely trucker past time??
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