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VIDEO: In case you ever wondered how strong a truck’s kingpin is, here’s your answer


A truck driver captured video of trailer dump that went way, way wrong — but at the same time proved just how strong a truck’s kingpin is.

The video was shared by YouTube user Matthew Benson on October 21, 2023.

The video features a truck that didn’t get unhooked from the trailer before the tipper was engaged to unload the trailer contents. The truck is left hanging in the air supported only by the kingpin and fifth wheel as workers look on, flabbergasted.

As the video ends, the driver filming says simply, “That’s a good kingpin.”

Check out the video below (strong language warning!)

The video has been viewed more than 681,000 times and has generated hundreds of comments.

Look below to see what viewers had to say:

  • “Well… it WAS a good King Pin! hahaha but holy crap man, had my heart racing. There’s a facility I go to frequently where you back up to the tipper and drop the trailer, you pull forward a couple feet and the tipper takes your trailer up while you stay in the tractor. I’m assuming that’s what’s supposed to happen here because it doesn’t look long enough to be the type that takes the whole combination up. So my fear is that the driver was actually still in the cab for this nightmare! OSHA’s gonna have fun with this one!”
  • “That was perfectly safe, they’ve got air brakes you know, for stopping when you’re falling through the air.”
  • “Moral of the story: if you owe money to the guy that operates heavy equipment, pay him before you get into your semi truck.”
  • “Love how they were playing Tom Petty on the radio. Hearing “There is no easy way out” at that moment is priceless.”
  • “I mean I’ve been driving trucks for over 20 years, you’d be amazed at how strong the kingpin and fifth wheel are!”
  • “I used to work emergency response for a big trucking company. I thought I had heard it all… but this is definitely a new one”

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