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Video shows all the things that make truckers say ‘&%@*!’ every day


This animated video perfectly captures the day-to-day irritations that come with being a truck driver.

If you’re a truck driver, there’s a vey good chance that you will recognize each of the irksome scenarios outlined in this funny-but-way-too-true video. Whether it’s car drivers who speed up when you try to pass, rubberneckers causing traffic jams, or motorists who cut you off to make their last second exit, these are the moments that make truckers say “&%@*!” all day, every day.

Check out the clip shared by TikTok user josh.jg2 below.

@josh.jg2 tell me im lying video by @Nuno DD #fypシ #fyp #humor #trucker #truckersoftiktok #truckdriver #truckerlife ♬ original sound – Canadian rican couple


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