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Double amputee on the road to being a real trucker


 A woman in Colorado is looking to be among the first double amputee females to earn her CDL. 

Lexie Bader became a double amputee after a snowboarding accident resulting in a nerve disorder when she was 15-years-old. Despite her injury, she stays active as a model, competitive snowboarder, camper, kayaker, and Uber driver. But after more than five years driving for Uber, Bader says she is ready for a more serious career move. 

“So I’m a double amputee and most jobs for me are just very difficult,” she said to WDSU. “I’m an Uber driver, have been doing it for about five and a half years on and off. Racking up a lot of miles, though. So I’m thinking about some other jobs.” 

What are the other jobs? Right now, Bader is working towards becoming a truck driver after a suggestion from her boyfriend, Zach Heyne. 

“When I was 17, I actually got my Class A license. So I kind of knew before bringing it up what it entailed… And I just thought she could do it and she seemed to like the idea. And here we are,” Heyne said.

Bader took to his suggestion and enrolled in a CDL school, passed five written tests, and obtained her CDL permit.

“I have to get 30 hours with the school driving a semi around Colorado Springs,” Bader said. You can watch the video outlining her story by clicking here.


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