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I-80 scale houses now have 24/7 restrooms for truckers, Iowa troopers say


The Iowa State Patrol Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit (ISPCMVE) shared welcome news over the weekend that some I-80 scale houses now have 24/7 restrooms for truckers.

On March 2, 2024, ISPCMVE shared a reminder on social media that not only are truckers welcome to park at the state’s scale houses, but that some are now equipped with restroom facilities to serve the trucking community.

It may seem like a small issue to some, but truck drivers know how difficult it can be to find parking and restrooms.

Our Jasper and Dallas County scale locations along I-80 continue to be a safe place for trucks to park. There is always space available. Now these locations also have 24/7 public restrooms for drivers to use. We hope this makes the truck driver’s life a little easier and more convenient!

More than 11,000 people liked the post, and hundreds of truckers commented to thank Iowa for providing more restroom access.

Here’s what truckers had to say:

  • “I travel 80 thru Iowa often. This is good to know. Thank you so much.”
  • “Kudos to you Iowa thats a super nice gesture and we appreciate it. The roads are super packed with trucks far more then it use to be when i started. And its only getting worse. So small acts of kindness like this are so needed i wish the rest of the states were as kind. Thank you for helping keep the roads safe ISP and please be careful we will do what we can as drivers to help you always.”
  • “Thank you for your recognition to drivers allowing the public access to your facilities.”
  • “Parking and proper restrooms are a huge problem for many drivers. I applaud you for your efforts to improve these things for all drivers. I just more states would follow your example.”


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