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Revamped Yellow terminals reopened for Estes fleet


Three former Yellow terminals reopened as part of Estes’ newly expanded fleet in three different states late last week. 

Estes announced the opening of three terminals on April 11th: Florence, South Carolina; Reno, Nevada; and Cinnaminson, New Jersey. The three properties are a part of the 24 terminals Estes acquired from Yellow after the company shut down. Estes will add a total of 985 doors to their network, including locations in Tacoma, Washington; San Fernando Valley, California; Boynton Beach, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; and Austin, Texas.

Estes also gained 130 tractors, 6,000 trailers, and thousands of load bars, air bags, and freight tables as part of the acquisitions from Yellow. 

“These recent acquisitions represent the single biggest influx of terminals and equipment in Estes’ history,” said Webb Estes, president and COO. “I applaud our team for their speed and agility, which allowed us to integrate these assets into our operations quickly and seamlessly. It exemplifies the grit, resiliency, and can-do spirit of Team Estes and how we work together to provide exceptional service to our customers.”

Estes is expected to open seven additional former Yellow terminals by June. 

“New terminal capacity doesn’t just ease congestion; it unlocks efficiency, reliability, and value for our customers, paving the way for smoother operations and an enhanced experience,” said Carrie Johnstone, vice president of customer experience and innovation. “Acquiring these terminals was just step one – we’re now focused on putting them to work as quickly as possible to better serve our customers, which is exactly what we’re doing with these first ones.”


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