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Snow on your trailer is a no go, troopers remind truckers


The Iowa State Patrol issued a reminder to the trucking community that snow on your trailer is a hazard to other drivers.

On Thursday afternoon, the Iowa State Patrol Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit said:

As Iowa continues to get more snow we wanted to take this as an opportunity to remind everyone about keeping your trucks and trailers as clear of snow as possible. We aren’t talking about a light dusting, but the egregious amount pictured below. This photo was taken AFTER the snow on the trailer struck a bridge. Nobody, including CMV drivers and owners, want snow and ice crashing through someone’s windshield and causing damage or injuries!

Snow Removal: Easier Said Than Done

While no one questions that the snow could be a road hazard, many truckers responded to the Iowa State Patrol post by asking how, exactly, they’re supposed to clear the snow from their trailers without a ladder handy. 

“Please explain how we are supposed to climb 14 feet up and get that off? Thank you,” asked one Facebook user. 

“This is a company problem passed down to drivers, with no solution,” another person remarked. 

“Trailer has been cleared of snow as much as possible, which is nothing at all. No one carries a 14’ ladder. Roofs can’t support someone walking even if we did. I have literally never seen one of those snow roof scraper things at a single truck stop in Iowa. I would legit love to know how we are supposed to remove snow from over 13’ above ground,” said a Facebook user. 


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