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Two new Saia terminals open on opposite sides of US


Two new Saia terminals have opened on opposite sides of the continental United States this week. 

Saia LTL Freight opened a new terminal in Garland, Texas and one in Missoula, Montana on April 8th. The Garland terminal marks the second Saia facility in the Dallas–Fort Worth Area, the 21st in the state of Texas, and the first Saia facility in Montana. 

“We’re eager to add coverage across our network,” said Executive Vice President of Operations Patrick Sugar, in a Press Release. “These new terminals were built, or renovated, to enable us to provide our customers with enhanced service so we can meet their supply chain needs.”

“Beyond these two, we intend to open another 16 to 17 new terminals over the next several months, in addition to relocating several existing facilities to larger or strategically advantageous locations to reduce shipping time, improve pickup and delivery flexibility, and increase capacity in key areas,” Sugar continued.

The Georgia-based company began its expansion across the United States in 2017, and has already made several significant acquisitions in 2024.


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