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Video: The hard truth about old rigs vs. new rigs


This video highlights the hard truth about old rigs versus newer trucks in this so-true trucking clip. 

The clip showcases an “old iron” truck starting right up after apparently sitting in an open barn for many years. 

The video then contrasts this tough old truck with “anything after 2008,” lighting up with warning lights on the dash anytime a tiny issue pops up. 

“Big Facts! Once they added DEF seems like 90% of my breakdowns involve it leaking or derating the truck,” commented one viewer. 

“So true. My Freightliner Cascadia is definitely allergic to water! Every time it SPRINKLES my speedometer lights light up and cruise control and abs won’t work lmao,” added another. 

“Yeah, I am old school, drove them classics. I’d take a modern truck for ride and cab comfort… new engines are quiet and strong, but give me a stick, no economy mode, no safety bullsh*t and I’m happy. All these sensors that crap out will and do kick owner ops butts with trucks back at the dealer all the time,” wrote a third. 

Watch the clip, below.


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