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VIDEO: Trucker Apps: All Recipes Cooking App Tutorial

Trucker Apps: Cooking app review. This free iPhone and Android app will help you get out of your cooking rut.

Trucker Accessories: Road Ready Grills

Trucking Accessories for Cooking: CDL Life reviews a few small and affordable portable grills for that break that just calls for a good cut of smoked meat.

VIDEO: Trucker Recipes: Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

Good trucker recipes can save you from the greasy food that's trying to kill you. Get your slow cooker and let's get started with In-Cab Chicken Pot Pie!

Cooking in the Truck Video: Man Vs. Road

Over-the-road cooking video. Check out this easy, healthy meal you can make in your truck for less than $6.00 per serving!

VIDEO: Yum-O! Asian Beef with Mandarin Oranges Cooked Over the Road

Video: A delicious over-the-road recipe and instructions for Asian beef with Mandarin oranges. Yes, please!

VIDEO: Mama Mia, That’s a Delicious Dinner!

The Keys Truckers deliver another tasty dinner on the road that's as good as any home-cooked meal. Eggplant Parmisan for two!

In-Cab Cooking: Hearty But Healthy Lasagna

Everyone here at CDL Life wants truck drivers to be health-conscious because it's no secret that the transportation industry is experiencing problems with driver obesity and all the metabolic syndromes associated with extra weight. That doesn't mean that truckers can't have hearty meals that make the long haul bearable. Just a couple of adjustments here and there can make your in-cab meal hearty and heart-healthy too! Let's get started.

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