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VIDEO: Death-Defying Exit

He must've really needed to make that exit. http://youtu.be/qXEQ7SaWgw8 Video Credit:  Safety By Choice

VIDEO: Car Makes Illegal U-Turn To Cut Off Truck

From the video description: "Westbound I-90 was shut down due to overturned tanker truck. The idiot container truck and then this van decided to...

VIDEO: Trucker Takes Car For A Ride

The dash cammer thought he'd blown a wheel bearing and was looking for a safe spot to pull over. http://youtu.be/c6PQ49B5Gpw Video Credit: Dash Cam Owners Australia

VIDEO: One Thing Leads To Another

An Altima gets cut off by an SUV, loses control and spins out, and then gets into a minor crash with the dash cammer...

VIDEO: Motorist Appears To Try To Force Trucker To Hit Him

Whether this is an insurance scam attempt or something even worse, this motorist's apparent attempt to cause a crash will shock you. Video Credit: Steven Baker

VIDEO: Don’t Crowd The Plow

A motorist tries to sneak in front of a UDOT snow plow -- and winds up spinning out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJiA0Eh_On0 Video Credit: Utah Department of Transportation

VIDEO: Teen Driver Causes Crazy Close Call

A teen driver tests a trucker's reflexes and attentiveness when she suddenly pulls out from behind another truck to cut him off on I-5...

VIDEO: Trucker’s Close Call Caught On Quad Camera

A trucker's close call with a car hauling a trailer is caught from four different angles by dash cams. https://youtu.be/PEAlYT-rgGY Video Credit: Falcon Electronics

VIDEO: Determined Maxima Cuts In Front Of Log Truck

A tiny but determined Maxima forces its way in front of a log truck and causes a fender bender. https://youtu.be/t86gjqZbHaw Video Credit: Bruce Byrd

VIDEO: Car Driver Wonders Why He Got Hit By A Truck

From the video description: "Guy pulls out in front of me, failing to stop, and then crossing his lane into my lane. He then...

Semi Crashes Off I-75 Overpass After Being Cut Off

A truck driver was severely injured in Tampa this morning after he swerved to avoid a vehicle that cut him off, sending his truck...

VIDEO: Trucker Saves The Life Of Terrible Merger

A trucker's quick reaction saves an elderly motorist. https://youtu.be/_OnBdGvCLHo Video Credit: gr84all

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