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Tennessee Troopers Seek Motorist Who Cut Off Tanker Truck, Causing Crash And Gas Spill

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is on the lookout for a pickup truck driver who they say cut off a tanker truck late Saturday night,...

VIDEO: What You Don’t Do In Front Of A Semi

This compilation video piles so much stupid driving into just a few minutes! You'll see multiple cut offs from a single vehicle, "what were they...

VIDEO: Could NOT Have Been A Closer Call

We've seen some close calls before, but this four wheeler's brush with an oncoming 18 wheeler might just take the cake. Trucker: "This Is How...

VIDEO: Cab Cuts Off Semi To Drop Off Passenger

A taxi cab driver not only cuts off a semi but then stops suddenly to let a passenger unload.

VIDEO: Sheriff Cuts Off Fully Loaded Semi

Watch as a sheriff gives a fully loaded semi truck driver a scare.

VIDEO: Insurance Fraud Attempt?

Dash cam protects a trucker against what appears to be a pretty blatant insurance fraud attempt when a car cuts him off and then...

VIDEO: Trucker Accused Of Ramming Car That Cut Him Off In Austin

Fox News 7 shared cell phone video showing a truck driver reportedly pushing a car down U.S. 183 in Austin after that car cut...

VIDEO: Roll Off Truck Is Almost Rear Ended By Semi

The roll off truck driver makes an ill-advised lane change and almost pays a heavy price for his mistake. From the dash cammer: "Fully loaded...

VIDEO: Semi Suddenly Jackknifes On Houston Highway

The flatbed in the far right lane suddenly jackknifes -- perhaps because the truck driver was cut off -- and a multi-vehicle crash ensues...

VIDEO: FedEx Freight Delivers A Scary Cutoff

FedEx doesn't deliver packages so much as a brown pants moment for the dash cammer.  

VIDEO: Two Road Ragers Come ThisClose To Causing Semi To Crash

The dash cammer gets caught in the crossfire during a highway road rage battle between two motorists. From the dash cammer's video description: "If you...

VIDEO: Impressive “Entitled Driver” Three Move Combo

A motorist manages to pass on the right shoulder and cut off two trucks in a matter of seconds. http://youtu.be/qXEQ7SaWgw8 Video Credit: UZ-Kentuckygirl

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