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Canada Considering Legalization of Payload Boat Tails

Canadian trucking companies are finally feeling the heat from increased fuel costs. Read about one of the first steps to ease the stress on the bottom line up North.

Are Truck Driving’s “Good Years” Behind Us?

Are the trucking industry's best days behind us due to rising costs and regulation? How do we get the industry to re-route its potentially dangerous direction?

OR Congressman Wants Hearing on Emissions Rules

An Oregon Senator proposes that the new air quality standards in California are unfair to the trucking industry.

Bipartisan FET Repeal Bill Introduced in U.S. House

Legislation to repeal the 12% federal excise tax on truck and trailer purchases and replace it with an increase in the diesel fuel tax has been introduced. Is this more fair to truckers or fleets?

Heavy Duty Trucking Names 2012 “Innovators”

Heavy Duty Trucking named the four leaders who have adopted "Fuel Smart" strategies for their companies.

OOIDA Faces Off with EPA Over Next Big Rig Regs

OOIDA charges the EPA with regulatory over-reach regarding semi truck fuel efficiency.

Semi Truck Fuel Economy Reaches 12 MPG

How is this driver getting higher fuel efficiency out of his Class 7 semi truck? Is he being honest?

Fuel Saving Statistics

The EPA may be proud of their big plans, but most truck drivers know that tractor trailer manufacturers and private carriers are already working tirelessly to find new ways to improve fuel efficiency of their fleets.

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