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Illinois State Police arrested a truck driver on drug trafficking charges after finding a large amount of suspected cocaine/fentanyl during a routine roadside CMV inspection.
A trucking company in Illinois used earpieces to help CDL test takers cheat in exchange for money, new court documents reveal.  Mykola Datkun, the owner of Maximum Services Inc. in Island Lake, Illinois appeared in a Chicago...

White House Sets Tougher Standards For Truck Emissions

Today the White House issued new regulations that will force medium and heavy-duty trucks to dramatically improve fuel economy and to cut back on...

DOE Announces $80 Million SuperTruck II Efficiency Project

The Department of Energy announced SuperTruck II on Tuesday, an $80 million dollar project designed to significantly increase truck efficiency. SuperTruck II To Increase Efficiency...

Trucker Tries To Break 11 MPG Barrier

A trucker will be back in the road in August after taking 6 months off to try to increase the efficiency of his big rig to 11 MPG.

Too Close A Convoy For Comfort? Company Wants To Save Fuel By Having Trucks Platoon 36 Feet Apart

A Silicon Valley biking enthusiast wants to use the peloton drafting technique that reduces wind resistance to significantly reduce fuel usage, which they say could...

No Left Turn, No Problem

Years ago, UPS implemented one simple policy that has paid dividends for the company. That rule is no left turns. Routes for the company...

Industry Opinions: The State of the Trucking Industry in 2013

The unpredictability continues into 2013, with four factors influencing the direction of trucking in intriguing but frustrating ways.

Study Finds If EPA SmartWay Regs Help Save Money

65 fleets looked into how much EPA SmartWay standards helped save money over a year. Results are a mixed bag.

Checklist: How Truck Drivers Can Save Fuel

Is this checklist complete for saving fuel? Do you use points like this to save money?

Industry Opinions: Maintaining New EPA Compliant Engines

Jim Park at Heavy Duty Trucking investigates whether the new fuel efficiency standards are helping in the long run.

Infographic: Managing Your Mile Per Gallon

How knowledgeable are you about getting the most out of your truck's miles per gallon?

Aerodynamic Trailer Company Receives WSJ Award

ATDynamics TrailerTail can reduce aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption by 6.6 percent at 65 mph.

CARB Compliance On Trailer Aerodynamics Under Fire

Read about fines for truckers who cross into California without SmartWay verified aerodynamic devices such side skirts or boat tail fairings that improve fuel economy.

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