Truck Driver Tales

A lost dog story has a very happy ending thanks in part to "Facebook and the trucker community through CB and their community pages," according to an Oklahoma animal shelter.
A soon-to-be-published book by a former FBI agent details some of the 850 murders linked to truckers since the start of the Highway Serial Killings Initiative.  Former assistant director of the FBI Frank Figliuzzi’s book, Long Haul...

Semi Chef

Cooking in the cab of a truck can be a challenge, but one member of the Facebook group Cooking in the Semi is not only making it look easy, but creating works of culinary art with his creations.

Indiana police shout out CMV drivers for slowing down in a school zone

Police in Delphi, Indiana, recently praised several truck drivers for slowing down in a school zone.

Video explores the bizarre disappearance of trucker Devin Williams

A new video from a true crime content creator delves deep into how 29 year old trucker Devin Williams vanished in Arizona in 1995....

This ‘How Truckers Talk To New Truck Drivers’ video is SO funny because it’s SO true

If you've spent one single minute in the trucking industry, you will relate to -- and laugh at -- this video by trucking content creator Larry Cothran.

Eye-opening survey shows that most truckers struggle with dating and love because of their jobs

A new survey of hundreds of truckers looks at how a career behind the wheel takes a toll on a driver's romantic relationships. On...

VIDEO: Trucker hunts down his grandfather’s 1972 Peterbilt after 30 years

A touching video report explores how a Texas truck driver was able to finally locate a truck with a lot of sentimental value with help from Facebook.

Video explores the struggles truckers are now experiencing coming down off the high of the pandemic

A video report follows a truck driver as she shares her experiences with the highs and then lows of trying to make a living in trucking in the years after the pandemic.

‘A Brief History of Trucker Fights at Breaux Bridge’ video takes a look at an imagined ‘alternate’ trucking history

A well-known trucking content creator has gone viral on TikTok for a hypnotic video series that uses AI to tell the stories of a...

Trucker pleads ‘stop pulling out in front of us big trucks’ after lumber plows through cab

A truck driver recently went viral on social media after a load of lumber went through his cab.

Trucker says he feels ‘blessed’ to survive after 13 shots fired at his semi by ‘random guy’ in Kansas

A truck driver is warning fellow drivers to "be aware of your surroundings at all times" following a terrifying encounter with a man who...

This custom VNL with 180″ sleeper is so homey and huge

Check out photos from ARI Legacy Sleepers featuring a custom Volvo VNL sleeper build.

Colorado trooper takes care of trucker’s dog while he was hospitalized following a crash

A Colorado State Patrol (CSP) went above and beyond to help a trucker's furry co-pilot while the driver was in the hospital following a crash.

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