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Several semi trucks were filmed behaving badly in this dash cam clip that ends in a serious fender bender for all involved.  In the clip, a lime green semi truck is trying to pass at least two...
The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) recently opened a new commercial vehicle inspection station along I-495.

Missouri jail is housing inmates in semi trailers

Greene County Jail, in Springfield, Missouri, has created a new temporary jail facility within truck trailers. On Wednesday afternoon Greene County Sheriff, Jim Arnott, opened the...

Escaped Man Charged With Murder Steals 18 Wheeler And Drives To Texas

A man facing murder charges who escaped from an Oklahoma jail was arrested after stealing an 18 wheeler and driving it to Texas. Escapee Wanted...

Truck Driver Charged With Manslaughter, Sentenced To Jail For Deadly Pileup

Do you think carriers should share accountability for faulty equipment?

Truck Driver Allegedly Falsely Imprisoned For 17 Days

A truck driver claims he was wrongfully imprisoned for 17 days.

Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

Which carriers hire felons and does the type of crime make a difference?

VIDEO: Truck Driver Jailed For GPS Error

A truck driver makes a mistake and spends 5 days in jail because of it.

A Man Who Refused To Leave Jail Is Rearrested

This article is just funny! A man who was just released from jail refuses to leave, because the cops wouldn't give him a ride, so the cops rearrest him.

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