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VIDEO: Out Of Control Ambulance Crashes Into Semi

Watch as this dash cammer captures the moment that an out of control ambulance smashes into a semi in the oncoming lanes! Fortunately, everyone...

VIDEO: Fallen Tree Causes Chaos On Road

After a trucker stops to help a lady whose vehicle was disabled by a fallen tree, another truck loses control and comes terrifyingly close...

VIDEO: Trucker Has Terrifying Encounter With Big Rig In Median

In this video, a trucker's dash cam captures another truck losing control, leaving the road, and rushing towards him in the median, coating his...

VIDEO: Out Of Control SUV Vs. 18 Wheeler

This trucker's dash cam captures an SUV losing control on a snowy road and then crashing into another truck! Video Credit: Darrel Polsley

VIDEO: Out Of Control Car Hits Truck Head On

In this video, a motorist loses control on a Canadian highway, sending his car crashing nearly head on with a truck. Only minor injuries...

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Incredible Truck Rollover

This incredible dash cam video shows the moment that a big rig loses control and slides across I-635 in Fort Worth yesterday. According to...

VIDEO: Out Of Control SUV Slams Into Two Trucks

This truck driver's dash cam captures the moment that an out of control SUV slams into one truck travelling at highway speeds, then ricochets...

VIDEO: Truck Jackknifes To Avoid Head On Collision

In this video, a truck driver jackknifes his rig in order to avoid an oncoming vehicle. Video Credit: RoadCams

VIDEO: Out Of Control Car Smashes Into Oncoming Fuel Tanker

In this scary video, a car loses control and crashes into an oncoming fuel tanker truck! According to the video description, everyone survived this...

VIDEO: Out Of Control Truck Vs. Scooter Riders

An out of control truck crashes into some scooter riders waiting at an intersection. Miraculously, everyone involved in this accident survived. Source: sakb

VIDEO: Alert Motorist Avoids Head On Collision With Truck

In this dash cam video, a driver manages to avoid an out of control truck that jackknifes in front of him! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORSA3t9FEzI Source: Viral Vines

VIDEO: Truck Loses Control But Avoids Other Truck

Take a look as this truck driver loses control in rainy conditions but somehow manages to avoid an oncoming truck!

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